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If you know your cars, you know that the 2014-2017 Chevy SS was a barely changed Holden VF Commodore from Australia. Other than swapping the dashboard and steering around and some changes to satisfy US safety regulations, it's the same car. Oh, yeah. There's the Chevy emblems. For the 2014-2016 model years, you could choose an option package that left the Holden badging on the car. Grille and trunk badges, wheel caps and horn pad. This option disappeared for 2017, but you can still get the required parts from various sources around the internet for a DIY conversion. This page documents the various actions required to make that conversion.


The official method for doing this is to remove the bumper then pull out the grille. Using information I found on the Chevy SS Forums, I was able to do it without disassembling the front-end of the car. Total time: about 1 hour.

Printable Instructions

Wheel Caps

These are pretty easy to do. Take off the wheel, push the old cap out from the rear, pop the new one in and put the wheel back on. Easy peasy. Why not just pop the cap out with the wheel on? Because there's 20 tabs holding it on (automotive engineers love their tabs). You'll probably scar the wheel or damage the old cap. Total time per wheel is about 5-6 minutes. Unless you wash the brake dust off the inside of the wheel like I did. They look really good. Wheel nuts are 22mm and torque is 190 N m.

Horn Pad

The hardest part of this is getting the clips to release. Once you figure out how that works, it's pretty straight forward and the final result adds a nice touch.

Printable Instructions

Rear Badge

I had this one done by a local body shop. While I probably could have done this myself, I didn't want to take the chance of damaging my paint due to my inexperience. So I had a local body shop do the removal of the Chevy badge. They had it off and the adhesive residue cleaned off in less than 5 minutes. Didn't even charge me. A little extra cleaning of the area and the badge was on.

Key Fob

This was actually one of the more harder things to do. Mainly because my big meat hooks were working with something pretty small. But moving the guts of a Chevy key fob into a Holden key fob can be done. Sure, nobody is else is going to see it. But what the heck...

Printable Instructions